“There’s more to life than money”

A lot of people say this and I wish that I could say the same thing. I have a totally different view.

Often the people who say this have the money and infrastructure in place so that they don’t have to worry about money. I’m in the position where I need to account for every penny. That doesn’t mean I don’t spend my money on stupid things sometimes. However, I do need to worry about money. Money is the reason I even have somewhere to sleep, something to eat. Money is even the reason I can go out and take photographs. There is more to life than money, but the issue is that money facilitates everything which is more.

I know someone out there is reading this saying, ‘spending time with family is all that counts,’ which is a very good thing to focus on. Money is how I can go and visit family. I need to pay for a coach, or a train, to actually go and see my family. I’m not disagreeing that there’s millions of things that are ‘more’ than money. Living on a budget means I have to plan these things, often months in advance. I’d love to be in a bottomless bank account situation, but I’m not.

Focus on money. Money is how you get the evasive ‘more to life’ which everyone else seems to be able to achieve.

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