Take pride in what you enjoy

If anything, this is a post aimed at a younger Dale.

Don’t spend any time at all wondering how you’re perceived for whatever you enjoy. There’s loads of things I enjoy which a younger version of myself would avoid letting people know about. It’s not that I don’t care what others think, I envy those which don’t care what others think. It’s more I’m in a position where I don’t think it’s worth avoiding anything which you enjoy for the sake of someone else’s views.

Without sounding too obnoxious, even if you’re not very good at whatever you’re doing, take pride in it. I can take 300 photos and not find one I’m happy with. Every now and again I’ll find one which I want people to see. It’s all about personal development. If you love the idea of making music, make music. You may get lucky and you might be amazing at it. Even if you’re not, you will improve. In the meantime, if anyone has anything to say about it, ignore them. I know that sounds a lot easier than it often is, people have a habit of wanting to put you down. You might be surprised, however, when you don’t react in the way they expect.

I have a YouTube channel. I make hacking tutorials. I don’t advertise it to everyone I meet, but when people find it they approach me with this strange look. It’s almost like they’re smug about finding it and expect me to be embarrassed. I never am, and it seems to knock them when I reply with ‘yeah, did you like the videos?.’ Take it from me, people will try to knock your confidence. Not everyone, but a lot of people will try and stand in your way. It’s on you to accept this, and simply take pride in it.

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