Spend time with people that matter

After a while of practically living in solitude, I have moved into the house I’ll be living in for the last year of uni. Right away, I can’t even stress how much better I feel. Feeling isolated was a common occurrence in my previous place. It was just far enough away from the city centre that it made actually being sociable really difficult. This, coupled with the fact all of my friends live miles away, just resulted in a feeling of isolation.

This weekend has been awesome. It was my friend’s birthday, we went to Thorpe Park, we partied.. I met loads of people who I would have otherwise never had met. Most of all, I actually feel really great.. Like genuinely really happy.. It feels like at this moment in time nothing could get me down.

What I’m saying, rather cryptically, is that you should spend as much time as possible with people who matter to you. It seems as though, no matter how many people you spend time with, when you spend time with those closest to you good things happen.

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