I love the night; The temperature is always just right. There is just something about the time when the sun goes down which makes me work better. I love going out and shooting photos during the night, I think it allows me to see things in a whole different perspective. It also gives me more challenges, battling with low light and using speedlights.

I have always been a, self-proclaimed, night-owl. I feel like I work faster, even when I’m programming or catching up on whatever work I have to do. As I type out this blog post it’s 2:30am, I’m not even slightly tired. I feel like I could happily roam the streets and get some really nice photos.

The reason I say all of this is because, unfortunately, it’s not a sustainable lifestyle. I’ll be ending my time at University in a few short months and with that I’ll have to adapt, and change to a more conventional lifestyle. Maybe I’ll be able to work just as well during the day once my lifestyle changes, but I think I will always feel as if I can work better during the night.

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