Getting back into Photos

It seems like forever since I last went out with the intention of taking photographs, which is a shame. I really do enjoy it a lot. Recently I went out with the intention of taking photos of a meteor shower. It turned out to be way too cloudy to even see the stars to begin with. I did, however, end up taking some pretty cool photos (with help from a friend). This really has re-kindled my love of taking photographs. I seem to enjoy when it’s the most challenging. The photo you see above was captured in pitch black, I had to improvise in order to manually pull focus, had to guess the correct time for the exposure etc. It was a lot of fun.

It really would be awesome to do more of this stuff, and also start to reintegrate my love of videography and cinematography also. I seem to have gotten back into taking photos but it seems like at-least a year has gone by since I last attempted a creative video.

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