Don’t attack the little guy

I have always been ‘the little guy.’ Not to say I’m short (even though I do have that downfall) but I’m the guy who always seems to be last. I haven’t had the opportunities which some of my peers have. I don’t come from money. I’m pretty unexceptional really. I have some skills in regards to computing and nearly all fields associated with it. I guess the best way to describe me is a bit of a introverted geek. Honestly I’m fine with that. But it really seems like, because I haven’t had the same opportunities as a lot of people, I tend to always pick the short straw.

I don’t drive (yet) but as such I need to get up at 6am on a Morning, and get home at nearly 7:30pm every night. I know, people get up earlier, and get home later, but I then have to do something else with my time because a day at work feels like I haven’t bettered myself. So followed by getting home at 7:30 I’ll do something else with my time up until around 1-2am. A while of doing this and you can understand my issue. I’m slowly breaking.

I don’t blame anyone for my situation. I actually thank everyone who has got me where I am. My parents have literally given everything for me (thank you, if you’re reading). I think because of my circumstance I have seen and felt things which, for lack of a better term, more well-off people won’t ever get to experience.

The point of this post is to tell you to watch out for me. Not me personally, but those like me. Just because we weren’t born into the world with money, fame or circumstance, it doesn’t mean we won’t be walking out of the same door as you later on.

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